Hanoi, Vietnam – food tour, scooters, poop coffee and more!

We’re in Vietnam! This is the first video from our epic Asia trip and we’re so excited to share it with you. We landed in Hanoi and immediately set off in search of delicious, authentic, Vietnamese food. We booked a sight seeing and food tour on the BACK OF SCOOTERS and it was amazing. Every tour should be via scooter.

On our tour we learned a ton about Vietnamese culture and the history of Hanoi and we ate a ton of food. We had bánh cuốn, bún bò huế, phở khô gà, bánh mì, kem xôi, che dau trang and some coconut coffee. Check out the video to see what all these dishes look like and how they’re served.

We also got to try kopi luwak, which is also known as weasle poop coffee. Yes, we know it sounds gross, but it’s actually highly sought after and considered the most expensive coffee in the world. And it was good!

Later we had egg coffee, normal coffee (there’s a lot of coffee in Vietnam), ice cream, bun cha, and more. Getting to explore the city via scooter was great. It’s crowded and hectic and full of scooters, but they’re the easiest and fastest way to get around. You can even Grab (Uber) on a scooter.

Check out our video to see all the delicious food and let us know what you think. Then, stay tuned because from Hanoi we traveled to Halong Bay where we did an overnight boat cruise of the bay and it was amazing.

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