Anthony Bourdain dinner Bun Cha with US President Barack Obama in Hanoi Vietnam

Bun Cha is one of the best street food in Hanoi (Vietnam). Anthony Bourdain, a very famous gourmet expert wellknown over the world had told about the dinner with former US Barack Obama. The main food of this dinner is Bun Cha in a street food restaurant in Hanoi.

Video Obama ăn bún chả tại Hà Nội cùng đầu bếp nổi tiếng bạc mệnh Anthony Bourdain.

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Source: This video is a coppy right of Discovery Channel Southeast Asia

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  1. Legend Chef!!! Bourdain!!! We miss you a lot!!!!
    Which Chef has the chance to eat along with the president!!! Ffs!!!


  2. Christian Keil

    Man, Barrack, get some normal cloths, stop talking trash and dig in.

  3. Gaurav Sarkar

    Everytime I watch this tears role out of my eyes 😢

  4. Plot Twist: The secret service got all its Asian American agents to fill the restaurant up.

  5. I always found that Anthony had same way of talking and almost same voice as barack

  6. Freshweezy BOy

    I remember seeing that the restaurant still has the same bowls, chairs, beers, chopsticks etc set up where they ate

  7. fuck class-traitor Obama but i will forever love Tony

  8. "Progress is not a straight line".

  9. t850terminator

    god I want some vietnam food

  10. Kiều Nguyễn

    Every “ customers” drink beers

  11. Armin Aryafar

    Now we have coup in Myanmar) :

  12. Winning bacon

    I believe Vietnam is now growing there state. With Money and People.

  13. Wungpei Khamrang

    I searched bun bun cha and came here (°-°")

  14. abc 263 xyz 893

    Why war while we can eat each other food ?!

  15. Anthony was able to embrace food to bring the world a little closer!

  16. This is what a real president looks like.

  17. "Progress is not a straight line" . That's profound mr 'Bama 😭

  18. As a Vietnamese myself, never thought that after Obama visit here and then Trump became the new president of America…. I'm not gonna lie, its been 2 years already
    Time…goes fast!

  19. I cringed so hard when he said Vietnam’s still a poor country. RIP tho.

  20. Funny how the people eating in the restaurant pretending that nothing out of the normal is happening


    When he was asking him about his daughter saying “will she be able to come here in 5/10 years”…. damn so much has changed rip

  22. This is better tasting than a lot of state dinners!

  23. 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕