Huge Hanoi Street Food Tour! Must Eat Food in Vietnam. First time trying Bún chả, Bánh Cuốn + Phở Bò

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This week we’re trying the most amazing street food in Hanoi, Vietnam. We spend a day on our own food Tour in Hanoi to try some of our favourite dishes we’ve ever eaten anywhere in the world.

Vietnam is famous for their incredible food. We make our way through Hanoi (mostly in the Old Quarter) to try some of Hanoi’s most famous and delicious foods.

The dishes we tried, along with the locations:

Bún chả (Full option) – Bun cha Ta
Bánh mì (Pork) – Banh Mi 25
Nộm Bò khô – Nộm thịt Bò khô Hải Sinh
Bánh Cuốn – Quáng ăn Bánh Cuốn
Phở Bò – Pho Suong
Kem Xôi – Che Ngon Pho Co Dessert Shop

These are 6 dishes you have to try while in Hanoi.

0:00 The Best Street Food in Vietnam
1:05 Bún chả
4:50 Magic Spoon
6:37 Bánh mì
9:11 Nộm Bò khô
11:50 Bánh Cuốn
15:00 Phở Bò
18:09 Kem Xôi
20:33 Wrap Up

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  1. Delightful Travellers

    Okay it's official… Food in Vietnam is the Best! 🇻🇳 🤤 Don't forget… use our code DELIGHTFUL to get $5 off your delicious, healthy Magic Spoon cereal by clicking this link: 🤗 Stay Delightful! – Anna & Trevor

  2. You hungry ???
    Or you from Hungary ????
    Stupid question joke in UK 🇬🇧. Hehehehehe.
    Poland 🇵🇱 & Hungary 🇭🇺 ♥ friends forever.
    Old Polish soldier.
    Greetings from Leicester UK 🇬🇧 😀. Godbless.

  3. I been so busy I didnt have time to watch you videos but, now I do

  4. Trần Phương Oanh

    Love you from Vietnam 🇻🇳

  5. Anh Dung US & Family - Cuộc sống ở Mỹ

    This is very delicious food . Cheap and large portions also. I will be there next time visiting Việt Nam.

  6. Gosh you guys you missed out on the coconut coffee and the avocado ice cream 🥑. 👍🍻🍻

  7. The broth is like the sauce. You not supposed to pour all the broth to the noodle. It will have much stronger taste , and that's not the right way

  8. Go visit in Cambodia the food are good , people so friendly

  9. Our bun cha is available in all provinces. The North eats vermicelli, while the Central region has a more special type of vermicelli called vermicelli, but the taste is almost the same. Usually, this bun cha dish is only 25k-30k / 1 serving (just over 1$. Vermicelli made from soaked rice and cha) consists of both lean meat and ground fat, mixed with minced onion, pepper, and a little flour. After the soup and monosodium glutamate are made into balls and grilled over charcoal, the dipping sauce consists of vinegar, sugar, garlic and fish sauce mixed together according to the ratio (taste so that it has a delicious sour-sweet-salty taste, then heat it up. in restaurants it costs more than 4$ – expensive price for this dish.

  10. White people have not seen good affordable food before it’s insane. That says a lot about how capitalism exploit your basic needs of food and shelter

  11. Beef jerky with papaya is more like snack in Vietnam. Mix them up thoroughly before you eat.

  12. Thu Nguyễn Thị


  13. When trying Viet food first step is mixing

  14. Duy hùng Đỗ

    Hai bạn là người biết thưởng thức món ăn của Hà Nội, thật là tuyệt vời ! Các bạn làm YouTube rất chuyên nghiệp và hấp dẫn .

  15. Bucket List Travellers

    oh my goodness our mouths were watering all the way through this video! Vietnamese food is sooo good! 😋 We hadn't heard of half of these dishes. Everything looked so amazing!

  16. Craig Richards

    Where's the mi quang?? Also, ga nuong com lam is to die for (central highlands though)

  17. yummy 👍👍👍

  18. TamKa TV & Family

    Welcome to Vietnam. There are many delicious street foods in Hanoi city. I love Hanoi, i love Vietnam

  19. Hanoi is an uncivilized city. they eat dog meat like starving people. Saigon is better and different from socialism to me

  20. Great mix of different types of food you guys tried in this video. In Vietnam, when you see a bowl where it's layered with noodles, veggies, meat…mix it well if there's sauce at the bottom or toss the sauce in if it comes as a side, then eat it. Everyone says bun cha is delicious, many have said it's better than bun thit nuong (the south's version). I cannot believe you didn't like the banh cuon as that's one of my favorite things to eat to this day….but I always eat the ground pork version. A lot of herbs should have leaves picked off the fibrous or tough stems before eating.

  21. I love Bún chả, hard to find good place that make it over here in the US

  22. Dì Út Family


  23. Anh Ngoc Nguyen

    Nên trộn đều và bổ xung gia vị.2 Bạn này chưa biết cách ăn món Việt

  24. Nguyen tran duc

    Viêt Nam.ẩm thực phong phú, rất ngon..Like!

  25. Francis Inghels

    Best food experience is South Thailand …

  26. The Reborn of Social VietSub

    fun fact you alway called that fish sauce was a broth.
    Haha amazing most foreigner scare of it but you love it and make it like a broth.