Street Foods Under $1 in Hanoi, Vietnam – Street Food Dollar Menu

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Today, I will show you one dollar street food menu with all mouth-watering dishes that are less than $1:
1. Pork skewer – Thit xien nuong
Address: 71 Ho Dac Di, Hanoi
Price: 9000vnd/skewer

2. Honey buttered Banh Mi – Banh mi mat ong
Address: 71 Ho Dac Di, Hanoi
Price: 5000vnd/half of the banh mi 🙂

3. Fried fermented pork – Nem chua ran
Address: No 2, 4C alley, Dang Van Ngu street, Hanoi
Price: 20,000vnd/4 nem

4. Che
Address: 112B5 Trung Tu, Hanoi
Price: 20,000vnd/glass

5. Fried pillow dumpling- Banh Goi
Address: 112B5 Trung Tu, Hanoi
Price: 13,000vnd/each

6. Banh Duc
Address: 108B1, Trung Tu, Hanoi
Price: 20,000vnd/small bowl, 25,000vnd/big bowl

7. Rib porridge- Chao suon
Address: 108B1, Trung Tu, Hanoi
Price: 10,000vnd/small bowl 15,000vnd/big bowl

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