Tia & Cheveyo Vào tháng 6 năm 2021, chúng tôi nghỉ việc và bắt đầu đi du lịch toàn thời gian. Mục tiêu của chúng tôi là tiếp tục hành trình càng lâu càng tốt và thể hiện cho BẠN nhiều nhất có thể. Có rất nhiều thứ để xem ngoài kia! Instagram: Bạn quan tâm đến việc hỗ trợ chúng tôi trực tiếp? Nơi chúng tôi nhận được âm nhạc của mình: sức khỏe du lịch của chúng tôi, SafetyWing: * Chúng tôi có thể kiếm được hoa hồng khi bạn nhấp vào một số liên kết này. * Để theo dõi chúng tôi trong cuộc phiêu lưu của chúng tôi, vui lòng thích, bình luận và đăng ký!

Chuyên mục khách sạn Hà Nội

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Các thông tin có thể có thay đổi theo thời gian, quý vị có thể cập nhật các thông tin mới nhất trực tiếp theo các địa chỉ được giới thiệu.

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  1. Thompson Nguyen

    You are awesome guys. You are living your life. Thanks for sharing your story and experience.

  2. jeffrey inouye

    Great videos so far. Glad you’re trying communal food eating. That plate of food reminds me of other dishes where they will serve different types of lettuce and herbs. For example, deep fried rolls will come with lettuce and herbs- just grab a piece of lettuce add herbs and the spring roll and roll it into a hand roll then dip in the sauce. Banh Xeo the turmeric crispy pancake can be eaten that way too. A word on herbs, there are some interesting ones in Vietnam- basil, coriander and it’s saw tooth version. There is a slightly purple one that is parilla which is a species of Japanese shiso leaf and one that may pop up in the bunch that tastes like fish. Continued good journeys!

  3. I also had stomach issues in Ninh Binh in 2019!

  4. Very peaceful and beautiful place…Sorry to see you had encountered some trouble with the traffic police before…I did a few times there in SG too…Once I was driving on the wrong lane they flagged me down but I ignored and kept driving but at least I looked back and gave them a..smile….

  5. Milla Katarina - Travel & Side Hustles

    Hope Cheveyo's dad is feeling better! The views from the hike were beautifuuul!! 😍

  6. Ha Long bay without water –> Ha Land bay :))) You guys just created a totally new tourist spot.

  7. What's upppppp…… Hope things go well for you guys. Been 2 days no new video. Please update.

  8. here for "Tia for scale"

  9. Love the positive vibes both of you are giving off. Subscribed!

  10. 4:33 – my village, my hometown!!!

  11. Hello

  12. Matthews Jake

    Ohh 😀 I'm travelling in Ninh BInh too:) Have a nice trip!

  13. Việt Nam ngày nay

    I like your video

  14. You guys are the best food tasters 🙂

  15. Top of the mountain should done Tia for scale lol

  16. So beautiful x

  17. Cool new videography angles and editing. Hope y'all get better soon.

  18. misterscary999

    Okay – I've binge watched nearly all of your uploads, and I think I've got it. Yes, there are more slick, professionally produced travel videos with fancy transitions, gorgeous B-roll, epic drone shots – the whole 9. **but** what those YouTubers lack is the down to Earth, personable, likeable qualities that you guys have. There's an intimate genuineness to your videos, and we the viewer feel like we actually know you. Those other travel channels have forgotten that aspect- perhaps in their quest to produce TV quality uploads. You guys keep it real, Yo. Thank you again for taking us along the journey & keep up the great work.

  19. Is it Ninh Binh’s day?
    Seems like 2-3 youtubers are uploading Ninh Binh a few hrs from each other lol

  20. You guys should visit Ha Giang, It is the most beautifull place in Viet Nam. Dont miss it, u wont regret.

  21. Make sure you do the Trang an Ninh Binh river tour. Really amazing to go under the limestone formations. Really enjoy your adventures.

  22. ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Bryan Entwistle

    …..I am really enjoying your videos. The way you present your videos is really good. It's not over the top like some presenters can be….Keep up the good work.

    I wonder if your next travel destination will be the Philippines? I'm sure you'll enjoy there.

    Hope your dad is on the road to recovery now!

  24. Be careful with Vietnamese cafe bin!! Lol

  25. When u try Vietnamese food, just tell the truth. good or not. We understand that everyone has a different taste and Vietnamese food has some really unpleasant dishes. "mắm tôm" is a challenge , even for VNese.

  26. th51bis Thu-Hang

    Have a safe trips! You are lucky and young that you can ride motorbikes in Viet-Nam's roads! It was amazing that you can climb to top of a pagoda to have nice paranomic view in Ninh Binh Province. Longtime ago my family & I visited Phong Nha cave, in 2004 in a package tour which we booked from Saigon. I hope you have enjoyed Vietnamese food in 3 regions of Viet-Nam: South, Central (like in Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Dalat…) & North, and Vietnamese cafe. When I visit Viet-Nam, I notice that local people like to go to "cafe" shop. We often to say "cafe" as Viet-Nam was a French colony in the past until 1945.

  27. you know what ? i am so proud of both of you and i do hope daddy gets better , do be mindful of mosquitoes and water sources , it's still rural with livestocks everywhere , before it slipped my mind , do check out Ha long Bay when opportunities pops up

  28. I truly envy you guys. I'm from vn but I know so little. All I know is Saigon where I'm from. In just a matter of weeks, you've already travelled, seen, and gotten to know way more. I hope that you continue to stay longer and explore every part of vn, be my eyes and ears.

  29. Kennie MusicLovers

    So so GOOD ! seeing the country this way ! wonderful journey !

  30. Phannee Butrabamrung

    Love to see you both on your ways with a nice friendly smile 😃 and thinking good through the land and people's. Greetings from Bangkok Thailand 🇹🇭 ❤️

  31. 😄👍🏼

  32. Tales From Our Pocket

    So many things to say!
    1 – how did you do that shot at the start, from the ceiling?! That was really cool!!
    2 – we're sorry your stomachs caught up with you! Literally in the last video, we wondered how you were doing with ice in your drinks (we avoided ice and raw veggies in Indo). Maybe it was the ice?
    3 – I'm guessing you're over the tummy bug, but mint helps with nausea and indigestion – in case it happens again.
    4 – we have to visit Ha Long Land!!

    I hop Chev's dad is better!

  33. ❤️🇰🇭🇹🇭🔥🙏👏😇🤗

  34. Hope you all feel better soon ❤️ i stayed in Tam coc instead of ninh binh. I loved it!! It has lake with small boats and beautiful limestone cliffs as background. If possible check it out. As Hoi An and Tam coc were my favourite destinations in Vietnam. Hopefully pandemic hasn't ruined it.

  35. You are familiar with SEA food for months and your dad just came so he needs to relax more, digestive enzymes may help!

  36. it's awesome view!
    Thank you.

  37. Meditation Thiền


  38. Cong is a peacock, not a cave, cave is hang.

  39. you need to wrap with rice paper.

  40. Hope your dad feels better soon. Wishing him a fast recovery and to see him in the next content. Another stellar vlog, guys! All the best from Canada 🇨🇦

  41. Nice restaurant. They knew you guys are foreigners so they gave you vinegar fish sauce instead of fermented fish sauce (the one that you love it you can't eat these kind of foods without it, but if you hate if you really f*king hate it – But I knew some people can't eat fermented fish sauce at the beginning but they keep trying and one day they really love it now :D)

  42. Russell Chaney

    That brought back memories. Sweated buckets too. Think they call black thing blood sausage , black pudding to us.

  43. where is the dad today?

  44. If stomach is unwell, best to stick to hot soupy foods such as pho rather than fried greasy foods.

  45. Ya can eat blood sausage? Its either you like it or hate it kind of food. A lot of foreigner cannot eat the blood sausage. I guess the fish sauce cancel the taste of it

  46. Robert Nguyen

    I understand that not every day in your adventure is rosy and perfect. Your attitude, opened mindedness, and zest for life are highly contagious. You are living someone else's dream. I left the country as a teenager, and have been wanting to explore different segments of VN before my retirement. You 2 are awesome!