17km Walk Around West Lake in Ha Noi & Trấn Quốc Pagoda | LIFE IN VIETNAM

I woke up one morning and said to myself “Hey, I’m going to walk 17km around today.” And I did it. This is a little visual tour of some of the sights I was able to take in from my exploration walk around the entire perimeter of West Lake (Hồ Tây in Vietnamese) the largest body of water in Ha Noi.

Along the way, a major highlight was the Trấn Quốc Pagoda, which was built in the 6th century AD. It’s a major historic and cultural relic for Buddhists and Vietnam, and has been rightfully designated so

Across the Thanh Nien road in front of the pagoda is a smaller lake called Trúc Bạch Lake, which is famous for being the crash landing and capture site of John McCain in 1967. He was then held as a Prisoner Of War for 5 and a half years.

There were many other interesting things along the way around the lake’s edge. You’ll have to watch the whole video to see. ^^

If you’re thinking about doing this walk yourself, it’s very easy. You just need a pair of good walking shoes, and water to stay hydrated. There are plenty of mini-marts, street vendors, cafes, restaurants, bars, and other places along the way in case you become hungry or thirsty.

Join me as I experience food, culture, and exploration in Asia!

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  1. Would you walk 17km around the lake if you could? What's the furthest you've walked in a single day? I used to walk for 20km+ in a day frequently back in Seoul, Korea.
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    Thanks and enjoy!!! ^^

  2. Bazz Leaveblank

    Like the jazz soundtrack you used………..just wish you would have shown what fish the guy caught 🙂 Very enjoyable.

  3. 96 Hoàng Kiều Trinh

    How long does it take?

  4. OK l like you clip

  5. Hey Cory, loving the videos. Ever thought about doing some time lapses? The sunset over the lake, those huge rain falls, even the full lake walk in motion? Keep it up really enjoying seeing Hanoi and all its wonders! Thanks

  6. Dude this is awesome! As someone who's researching a upcoming trip to various parts of Vietnam I can say this was super helpful and you just gained a new subscriber!

  7. Don't know how I'd missed this video. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Thank you for your efforts.

  8. Blue Harrington

    Wow Thanks man really nice☮️❤️🍀🦋

  9. im new here and im enjoying the beautiful sights, you done it well much thanks, hug

  10. somehow ur videos did not send me any notification.

  11. Dương Dương

    You can take a walk around Hoan Kiem Lake at 6am, lots of people exercising.

  12. As I guessed, the army of bats is there because of that shitton of mosquitos. Bats tend to eat anything that flies, including mosquitos so there you go, those bats there where probably feasting on all these damn little pests lol.

  13. PrincessMeganElsa

    😎😎 Soo Relaxing walking see full lake wow, 😎😎🙌🙆🙆🙌

  14. Good stuff Cory, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your next video!

  15. Hello Cory ^^

    The color in video like tree, green herb, etc.., etc.. is great 🙂

  16. Great video, Cory. If you had to take a wild guess, how many little kafee shops did you come across on your walk?

  17. I love the new format. Very informative and enjoyable to watch.

  18. i feel they have a very Chinese style life…religion, way of keep health…Do you feel alone in Vietnam Cory?

  19. A really neat video….thanks.

  20. it is interesting to see people in the lake water. cuz it aint so usual around here (:

  21. NanaStarlessNight99

    Love your Vietnam videos!! It's so nice to see people's daily life's in a totally different culture from my own. Keep up the great work!

  22. Carlina de Visser

    Hi Cory, nice video! My boyfriend and I also enjoyed a walk around Westlake back in February. It took us a whole day but we stopped a lot of times to eat, drink and visit the themepark 😉😎

  23. Clocks and Spoons

    I've always been told that the lake is really polluted and that it smell real bad. But looking at the video it doesn't look so bad. Does it smell?