Differences Between Pho Hanoi and Pho Sai Gon

Pho is one of the most popular dishes in Vietnam. A hot bowl of pho, soft noodles, sweet broth, a little lemon, and a few slices of chili is extremely delicious. But pho in each region has different characteristics in form and a little taste. In today’s video, I will show you the differences between Hanoi and Saigon pho.

There are a lot of myths and legends about Pho’s origin. One theory is that Pho was from Vân Cù village in Nam Dinh province, where people carried and sold Pho on bamboo poles to make a living during the 20th century. Another theory is that Pho was popularly rose in Hanoi due to a surplus of beef bones during French rules in the late 1800s, and pot au feu, an excuse for my pronunciation, pot au feu is a famous French dish, very similar to Pho sot vang today, so the French culture might have some influence on Pho. Many people believe that the name Pho was from the Chinese word Phan, in Nguu Nhuc Phan which is a Chinese cow meat noodle soup. In the 1900s, vendors call the name of the dish from distant to attract customers “Nguu Nhuc Phan” and it was shortened to nhuc phan then phan.

During the Vietnam War, there were a lot of northern Vietnamese migrated to the south of Vietnam, and of course they brought Pho recipes with them. After the Vietnam war in 1975, many people fled the country and they built their community and reserved the culture by cooking Pho. And that’s why you see there are a lot of Southern Pho in the U.S, Canada, and other countries. Nowadays, Pho is known worldwide and it’s a beauty of many cultures and historical stories.
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  4. Interesting. I just found out the place I like near me serves Southern Pho. I like the bean sprouts. Makes sense as the owners family probably came from the South and ended up in the US. I thought you put the sauces in the pho, ha, learning something new everyday.

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  10. All asian don't pronounced pho the same. We don't pronounced it like the Vietnamese language, but it's all the same. Noodle looks good. Ty.

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    Saigon pho popular in USA California Sacramento was #1

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  13. The first time I encountered pho was in a working-class, Spanish-influenced neighborhood in Seattle. I sat down and the waiter immediately brought a plate of veggie garnishes before I had even ordered. I decided anything that has those must be good, and I became a pho fan the first day. Later I took my mom to another Vietnamese restaurant. She likes plain food — no hot spices — and no soy (which upsets her stomach). She asked for something with a lot of vegetables. Not vegetarian, but with a lot of vegs. The waiter said Vietnamese food doesn't tend to have hot spices; it focuses on flavors instead. The waiter pointed her to the most suitable dish. I don't remember what it was, not pho, but she was quite happy with it and praised it afterward.

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  16. Hi Van, i am from Austria and wan't visit Vietnam! To meet a lovely person there!
    So your videos are very helpful for me, thx!

  17. Terence Kwong

    Being Chinese I always thought pho was the Vietnamese word for phan which just means noodle.

  18. I'm pretty sure the Bay Area is way cooler than Hanoi most of the year, but I think I've only tasted southern pho here so far.

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    Hi! Thanks for this very interesting video. Is it OK to pair pho with beer? Do Vietnamese love beer? Which beer do most Vietnamese prefer, Saigon Special or Bia Hanoi? Cheers!

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  26. Has anyone noticed that Van uses a yet unnamed chopstick grip? It looks like a Lateral Grip version of Dino Claws.

  27. Your channel name is definitely my reaction when you said there's northern and southern pho

  28. I have always added nước mắm to my pho saigon. Is this not traditional?

  29. The chinese influence is definitely not right. There are more arguments against it than for it. As for what is commonly believed, Pho originated from the north. Until recently( by recently i mean a couple of decades) there were still people who had lived long enough to remember when pho started spreading to the south. The reason why we make a point out of distinguishing pho from the south and pho from the north, is because of the change in Broth, flavour and condiment. Another strong fact for why Northern style pho lost it's "sovereignty" was because financial center moved from the north to Saigon. This made a national dish like pho to flourish and thrive a lot more in the south, which evt. led to all the street vendors and homecooks making their liberal culinary take on what to add or how to cook the much beloved dish. It's actually not that hard to figure out where it probably came from. Follow where the different ingredients and ways to cook the dish came from and ask older generations when they it became common in their area.

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