EPIC Vietnamese Street Food Tour in HANOI 😍

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✏︎ Since we are in Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, it only made sense to go all-in on a Vietnamese street food tour, which is why we had booked the popular food blogger/street food tourer, Mark Lowerson, who made the whole experience worthy of an A+.
Mark had amazing knowledge of the whole Vietnamese food culture and how everything works, which is also why our outlook on local street food was completely turned on its head.
After having toured some hidden gems in the old town of Hanoi, we were no longer reluctant of from otherwise dodgy places when compared to Western standards.
If you are going to Hanoi, you need to explore the food of Vietnam with Mark. He’s is such a chill guy.

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You can find Mark’s food blog here:

▻ digitalluc – An Empty Street


We’re Amalie and Joen. A Danish couple from Copenhagen who unlike most people love to travel and see new parts of (:-D).

This vlog is all about showing all of these places we explore. We simply can’t get enough of seeing new places.

We hope you’ll stick around. 🙂

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  1. Haha yes no more wasting money on fine dining! More street food!

  2. Anne of Green Gables

    Great episode, Hanoi looks amazing.

  3. I love your mom! she is SAVAGEEEEE! 😀 LOL

  4. Nice video nice people Lisboa is the best, my unique city with so much joy. you should also go to Benfica called the CATEDRAL of Portugal…love you guys

  5. "hello camera" your farther should have his own YouTube channel haha

  6. Open minded and kind people

  7. Tom Hiddleston

    wow food so delicious…👍👍💖💖

  8. Eat where locals eat. Good rule to live by

  9. 😀 your parents is very sporting and entertaining. Awesome vlog man; me and my wife enjoy it very much. 👍😄

  10. 6:33 yes we have problem with puting chopstick up in rice or blow cause it mean for dead people , but it ok for non vietnamese , but for vietnamese your parent and grandparent and sister gona talk alot teaching you why not doing so lol i been told so many time by my vietnamese mother and grand parent / sister everytime i do so more than my japanese dad ( which also tell me not to do so cause i tend to put my chopstick in noodle upward or rice bowl cause im a slow eater ) i think my dad just get tired and more free mind ( he study in the US back in the day so he are way more open mind than other japanese parent that i knew ) but my mother and grandparent/ sister are not that open mind like him vietnam in away still a very traditional if you from northern vietnam , southern abit more open but still deep down there are few thing you have to follow the ancestor rule

  11. 2:05 it meat beef or poke but ithink it beef

  12. Bwaahahah ! 🙂 " Yes, you can ! " Sweet ! 🙂

  13. Very informative! And your parents are pretty cool. I find the Danish people are so full of common sense.

  14. NguoiVinhLong

    Yummy food…thank you folks!!

  15. jonathan syndergaard

    I gør det godt, bliv ved med det 😉

  16. Yes, your parents are amazing! so friendly.

  17. Daniel Dubrava

    Wow! Rich kids discovered street food is actually really tasty 🙂 What a mind blowing experience after all these overpriced luxury places…:-)

  18. Golf Tales by Savio Almeida

    Delicious mouthwatering food!.. really love the way you guys present the stuff.. damn entertaining and informative too.. please do continue visiting such non-touristy places.. n your mum n dad are so adorable.. 🙂

  19. Monkey D. Chandra

    Local food are the best. It's better than most restaurants. Your parents are so cute and funny haha.

  20. Anna Nestoras

    You should do food-tours more often! That shows another side of the country to you and us 🙂 i love your parents! They are so cute and funny 😂 can't wait to see more!

  21. Amazing, so glad you made this video and tried the street food… you don’t always get great food when trying this way but it’s often just as good and the experience is exciting. Thanks for sharing as always.