Matty Eats Pho & Other Vietnamese Street Eats In Hanoi | Dead Set on Life Season 2 Episode 2

Matty and Rang head to Hanoi to check out Vietnam’s growing restaurant scene and meet up with a few French ex-pats to sample some of the best French inspired Vietnamese dishes.

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This episode originally aired on VICE on TV in 2019.

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Chuyên mục Ẩm thực

Chúng tôi Cung cấp thông tin về các Ẩm thực ở Việt nam


Các thông tin có thể có thay đổi theo thời gian, quý vị có thể cập nhật các thông tin mới nhất trực tiếp theo các địa chỉ được .

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  1. Hugo is such a hater

  2. Why hang out with those french refugees instead of hanging with the locals?

  3. The show is great.. intro stinks

  4. Kevin Greeley

    Just scooped up that Mantis shrimp 😁. Those things will take a finger off.

  5. inmydarkesthour 22

    I really try and not be stereotypical of why white men move to Vietnam or Thailand etc but I just can't lol….plus they always look so fkn creepy sorry

  6. Master Rang got the special message 420

  7. Brandon Holman

    I looked with pleasure.

  8. They should do an episode where they switch outfits. that will be hilarious and oh, they should visit japan. HAHAHA

  9. The fucking art aft the end. Lol

  10. Shawn Stivers

    life sent on life 🙁

  11. 20th Century Fox Youtube 2 weeks ago 4 weeks ago

    More Vietnam travels with Master Rang

  12. master rang nearly chopped off his hand

  13. The best

  14. Randy Schwing

    14:27 – best t-shirt ever. ❤

  15. When Rang spat, you k ow that man doesnt care what others think. Tough tough man

  16. Robert Nguyen

    17:33 one quick note is that it is actually cheaper than Matty's assumption that it was $20. It is just around $12, as $1 equals to 25000 VND.

  17. Thomas Anderson

    16:06 she was like its 2 million vietnamese dollars, and i was like holy shit. but then i looked up the conversion rate and its like $88

  18. Anyone know the little song clips used in this video, honestly they're all awesome

  19. 4plus4equalsmoo

    you're not from here

  20. PunkboyisLive

    lol 215