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Today we are continuing our adventures in Vietnam by exploring more of this incredible city of Hanoi. Firstly we explore some more of the Old Quarter, the we try some touristy must do’s such as the temple on the lake, we try egg coffee and of course sample some delicious Pho.

Finally we also meet up with @onepackwanderers and discuss some important issues with traveling Vietnam on motorbikes.

This series was filmed in June 2022 ✌️🇻🇳✌️

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Chuyên mục Ẩm thực

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Các thông tin có thể có thay đổi theo thời gian, quý vị có thể cập nhật các thông tin mới nhất trực tiếp theo các địa chỉ được giới thiệu.

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  1. 🇻🇳 It's time to hit the road… But first let's explore more of this beautiful city ☺️

  2. I’ve craved Bun Cha every since having it in Vietnam some years back. I’ve never found anything that comes close even in Vietnamese restaurants here. The smell of the marinated pork being grilled was like something from a cartoon where the character gets a sniff of it and just floats to the source of the smell 🙂

  3. i have to say this doyle fellow has great camera work. Bio says hes a teacher, but that could be anything really. Very few youtubers put this much effort into editing. Well done. Us audience reward quality, you'll hit that subscribe milestone long before december for 100k

  4. That’s two comparisons paddy lol

  5. my huong nguyen thi


  6. if you feel like crap in the morning after drinking late the previous night, it's probably due to the knock-off alcohol. don't be fooled by the label on the bottle, what's inside is often not the real thing. hahaha

  7. Patrick Nguyen

    You have a lovey personality mate

  8. my huong nguyen thi


  9. That 'only comparison you did' is a VERY important one, and the reason I recently spend a month in Vietnam instead of Thailand.

  10. Thit meo ,Thit Chow !

  11. Comparisons are fine Paddy, it's how we evaluate things. It's a frame of reference, and many of your viewers are farangs in Thailand.

  12. Paddy you got this Ricky Gervais vibe about you. Almost same hairstyle, cheeky humour, characteristic laughter, you're a alcoholic. What else. Naaa nothing you just have to work on you're "I don't give a fuck" attitude. I mean it as a compliment with all my heart !

  13. What month did you start this trip ?

  14. Dan's Theatre

    Yeah!!! Honda Poochy!!!

  15. you are in the old quarter of hanoi, it has a history of hundreds of years. Therefore, to preserve the status quo, the city government does not allow the construction of any large and high-rise buildings here. Outside this area will be another Hanoi City with big streets, skyscrapers. Personally, I appreciate the old town of Hoi An more than the old town of Hanoi

  16. Gustavo Neves

    I went to Dihn coffee after a recommendation too. No big deal. Now I only drink coffee on Vietnam in places where they have an in Italian machine. Makes all the difference. Otherwise, it's just a liquid they get out of a bottle that had been sitting the whole day

  17. Thank you Paddy for your advice and honesty when it comes to getting a bike in Vietnam. One question: What type of Index Helmet are you wearing? It seems awesome.

  18. This is awesome, and so are you.

  19. “You obviously shouldn’t make comparisons between countries …”

    In less than 5 mins … oh paddy

    Obviously I’m used to latte art in the west


  20. Love what you said that you're not gonna compare Vietnam to Thailand. You should treat each country as its own entity (end of quote). It is indeed true. Let's appreciate each country their own beauty & offering.

  21. Hector Altamirano

    Loving the format of these videos. The right amount of travel and culture and history that I want on my videos. I also can notice youve been in Asia for long. Its cool to see how effortless you adapt to the social structure of brother asian countries.

  22. TheThailightZone

    To be fair, the wearing of face masks has long existed in populous Asia long before covid. It has been common & polite practice to wear one if you are sick to prevent spread of your illness, and also people who work in heavily polluted areas, like busy roads, wear them for proctection.

  23. Ride with Myke

    Locals and foreigners pay same price… Another comparison 555 wink * wink

  24. Thailand > Vietnam. No shot.

  25. Unseen Thailand In Chiang Mai

    Hanoi I found the people very friendly and the food was amazing

  26. Enjoyed following you through the provinces in Thailand, and looking forward to doing the same for Vietnam. Not sure why you want to avoid talking about comparing Thailand vs. Vietnam, but I would actually appreciate the opposite – I want to hear about how things are done differently or the same between the two countries. For example – your (unintended) comment about how the park entry was the same price for nationals and foreigners in this video.

  27. looks like EGG NOG you need to add whiskey for taste

  28. All meat out there is very expensive
    in England is cheaper

  29. Turning Point Australia

    Sorry but without comparison then it is waste of time watching

  30. Paddy ….. I am so excited to start the journey with you and get to know better Vietnam . 🌸

  31. Im Thai 🇹🇭 and subscribed. Im following your vdo from Thailand. Hope you enjoy in Vietnam.🇻🇳

  32. Most people are still wearing masks in Saigon, so there may be differences in regulations, depending on the area you are in. They all have their own ‘Peoples Committees’. So best to be careful. You can easily spot the Western foreign tourists here in Saigon as they mostly all refuse to wear masks. Actually makes them seem arrogant and disrespectful.
    Seems far more relaxed in Hanoi though

  33. Totally understand what the American backpackers meant about Nha Trang. It’s a bit soulless.

    However, if you actually work in the country and need a well-earned break, then it is a really relaxing place to go and chill, with a beautiful beach, some really good diving and snorkelling in the local islands and wonderful weather. It’s also cheap and has a great Greek restaurant run by some guys who pitched up there from Kos a few years ago

  34. Chatting with one pack wonderors quite too short wish you enjoy vietnam

  35. People in Vietnam drive like complete morons, they lack common sense and vision…be very careful if you dare to hit the roads specially from city to city and on mountains…you’ve been warned!! ☠️🤪😤

  36. Egg coffee won't be for me vegan plant base

  37. Love it, Paddy. I remember looking for some tunnels in Vietnam in the wrong place with my girlfriend on the back of scooter, we broke down in the middle of nowhere, some old boy who spoke not a word of English, put his foot on my foot rest, told us to sit and pushed us along for about 20mins to get us to a garage, then just left us there and refused to take any money, and he didn’t even smile once, just went about his Bussines helping people. I agree with the Americans, Na Trang was also my least favourite, didn’t even stop there more than a night.

  38. “ and get this, locals and foreigners pay the same price “ ….. I thought the mask was gonna be the last comparison ?…… lol

  39. I don’t know if it’s because your a beginner and it’s your first time having egg coffee or because I’m stoned, but you missed the cup with your spoon (5:54)….. lol

  40. This trip is definitely on my bucket list awesome!!

  41. O'Neil Castro

    I love when a tourist claims some place is the best in the city when they've been there for about 2 days! haha but keep up the entertainment. Vietnam road trips are amazing.

  42. 13:51
    is addictive
    that's why
    also poison….literally

  43. Ur log is so entertaining. Thanks.👍
    Man, u r such a bad luck guy. I’m glad not be with u.😜

  44. Michael Hayward

    Egg coffee ! OMG ! Love it.
    Real proper Viet coffee – the normal stuff – best in SEA.
    Pho ? WTF ? Sorry , just dont get it, neither does my Thai mrs. We get better noodle soup in any market town in Nakon Nowhere…

  45. Herrold Vervloet

    🤣🤣🤣 I'm not going to compare Vietnam to Thailand in the rest of the series. Next shot: "the entrance fee for foreigners and Vietnamese is the same" 😉😉😉 I know it's difficult Paddy 😄

  46. Rock Cave Music - Aaron Hood

    Hi paddy I’m from Newcastle Australia. I’ve watched all your shows from Thailand ,I’ve been there 10 times myself ,I’m a musician And have set up music therapy rooms in orphanages in Thailand. During the pandemic I’ve watched all your shows I have a name saw your motorbike for your Vietnam leg here it is “ Veamy”

  47. ดํา ดี