What to do in Hanoi for one day

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Today, I will show you what you can do, where to go, and what to eat in Hanoi, Vietnam, if you only have 24 hours. Here is the itinerary:

👉7am: Eat Pho for breakfast
Address: 10 Lý Quoc Su, Ha Noi
Tip: Bes combo: Phở tái chín (rare and cooked beef Pho), quẩy (fried bread sticks), trứng trần (balanced eggs), and trà đá (iced tea)
👉8am: Drink egg coffee
Address: 11 Hang Gai, Ha Noi
Tip: Sit at the top to see Hoan Kiem Lake
👉10am: Visit Văn Miếu Quốc Tử Giám (The first university of Vietnam)
Address: 58, Quoc Tu Giam street, Hanoi
Tip: Watch out for the high door barrier
👉12pm: Eat Bun Cha Hang Manh
Address: 1 Hang Manh street, Hanoi
Tip: Order the special bowl with , so good!!!
👉2pm: Visit Hoa Lo prison
1 Hoa Lo Street, Hanoi
Tip: Watch this video
👉4pm: Eat Trang Tien ice-cream
Address 35 Trang Tien, Hanoi
Tip: Vanilla and young rice flavors are the best, in my opinion
👉4:30pm: Hop on, hop-off bus tour
Hoan Kiem lake near Thuy Ta ice cream
Tip: They have cone hats just in case it’s too hot also watch out for those branches
👉6:30pm: Drink coffee at Cong Cafe
Address: 116 Cau Go, Hanoi
Tip: The milk tea I ordered was not very good, so stick with coffee 🙂 Nice view though
👉8pm: Eat Cha Ca (Fish cake)
Address: 1 Dinh Tien Hoang street, Hanoi (4th floor in Shark Jaw building Hàm cá mập)
👉10pm: Nightlife in area (quận Tây Hồ)
Here is the list of bars: I like Hideout bar and Sala Club

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Still wanna explore more? Eat Pho Ganh at 3am 🍜
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  1. ThatRascalMerlin

    " … you not only enjoy the sweetness of present moments … but you also appreciate the bitterness of history."

    SO deep!

    THAT is why I love your vlog SO much. You don't just bring us all the sites and sounds and food … you share a bit of your soul with us, reminding us to be "human" as we see that amazing place through your eyes. You do it so elegantly.

    I know they are a LOT of work, but the music video-type quick edits make the video look so professional and really glue your eyes to the screen. Well worth the effort! I really appreciate your work! Something that really amazes me about Vietnamese food is how beautiful it is. Even the street food can often look like it was made to be featured in a foodie magazine. It's fascinating!

  2. Love ❤️ your vlogs

  3. Your food is absolutely great. And so are you: the most beautiful lady I ever seen anywhere. Absolutel6 beautiful, you really are. God bless you girl ! Take care.
    Kind Regards
    Respectfully yours
    Patrick O'Donovan
    (From the west coast of Atlantic ocean Republic of Ireland)

  4. 🇺🇸 was disappointed in Vietnam pho! Tried many places…… not as good as American pho. The meat was not tender, soup was light. 2 out of 5!

  5. Hi Vanvu
    I just found your chanel and it's fantastic.
    I'm visiting Hanoi for 2 weeks probably in October. I'm spending a month in the Phillipines in September visiting a couple of friends one lives in Cebu and the other in Dumaguete. He's married to a filipina and they have a condo they rent to tourists and visitors so I'll stay with them.
    The friend in Cebu lived in Vietnam before moving to Cebu and is a big fan of the food, history and culture.He visits Hanoi every 6 months for visa purposes. He's recommended the Manor 2 and can get me a good rate. That's where I'll probably stay.
    I found your what to do in 1 day guide very useful and informative having 14 days to explore will be awesome.
    I'm a coffee lover and love asian cuisine.
    I like watching you eat you certainly love food!😁.
    Could I ask a slightly personal question?
    How do you eat and stay so slim? Me? I can gain a kilo just by reading the menu to decide what to eat😊.
    Your vlogs have given me some ideas of things to do and see so thanks for that. I'll certainly be seeing some more of them before I arrive.
    I think I may book a local guide for one or two days to show me around help me learn a few basic phrases and pronunciation. I've travelled a lot and find locals are far more helpful and friendly if you try to speak their language. Can you recommend any tourist guides?
    Thanks again for a great chanel.

  6. Kevin Basil Magnus

    YEA Go Vietnam🇻🇳Go CLAP CLAP🇸🇬

  7. Kickyano Sulinom

    It is interesting to watch your video about Vietnam, if we are visiting Vietnam would you like be our tourist guide ?

  8. Xin Cao. Thanks for all the advices, will following your foodpath this September. Cam on

  9. I have had Bun Cha in Hanoi many times… Yum Yum

  10. Chandradarshan Singh

    I really want to write a book about my experience in vietnam because i truely so much indifferent and amazing experience in vietnam.

  11. 你的英文和其他越南人的英文不太一样,挺好听

  12. 我不太敢吃冷的,嘿嘿

  13. 原来是越南,看着文字和泰国差不多。

  14. spend the day with you

  15. Jonas Fabonan

    If I'd have a chance to go for a day trip in Hanoi, I'd love to be with you. Just kidding. Great Hanoi history indeed! love it

  16. linnhtut aung

    Love from MYANMAR…🥰

  17. Can you make one for saigon cos i plan to visit soon 😁

  18. Favourite dish is pho bo at 13 Lo Duc street. However bun cha on the street is close !!!

  19. Yr cute!!

  20. Yes! Bun cha and banh cuon are my favorite 🥰🥰🥰

  21. Michael S. Smith

    When I was in Vietnam in 1969, I had some real cheap housing, it was called a FOXHOLE!

  22. Why are you so pretty?? Please include food prices as well. Thanks!

  23. if you only have 1 day, Sleep 😀

  24. CJ Healthy Life

    Hello Van how are you? I am in Hanoi the next 4 day before heading north to HaGiang. Would you like to have coffee and visit? I have benefited a lot from your videos and would enjoy meeting you. Have a great day!
    Thanks, Chris Roche

  25. very nice 👍

  26. Very good

  27. Pho 10 def the best pho k ever had. Nice and crisp. With some chilis and you are good to go

  28. Is Saigon richer than Hanoi? A lot of Vietnamese overseas are actually from Saigon that left after the war and my perception from them is that Saigon is better than Hanoi, was the bigger city and more prosperous. And of course better pho! All pho in overseas countries are based on Saigon style pho