5 Must Try Foods in Hanoi (5 Món Ăn Phải Thử Ở Hà Nội)

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On the first episode of our new mini-series “Exploring Northern Vietnam”, Vi and Sonny from the Best Ever Food Review Show wander around Hanoi in search of the 5 best northern dishes. Is your favorite mentioned in the list? Watch on to find out!

Chuyên mục Ẩm thực

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Các thông tin có thể có thay đổi theo thời gian, quý vị có thể cập nhật các thông tin mới nhất trực tiếp theo các địa chỉ được giới thiệu.

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  1. If I go to Vietnam I will make sure to book Onetrip tours thanks to the BestEverFoodReview videos, no this isn't sponsored, I'm just a fan of his jump up segways

  2. This is Cat from
    Brooklyn NY!🐱

    In the beginning of the video you showed a clip about nightlife where you were taking a bong hit. What happened? You walked by and somebody just offered you a hit? I know you didn't inhale! LOL!😉 I am just curious did they just offer you some? Are people that friendly over there? that's great! I'm just curious!🐱

    PS I think you go beyond food reviews and you should do stand-up too! How about 2 minutes of stand up after your food review next time time? Sonny, I think you're very talented!💝🐱

  3. Do an do ban qua!