Zagreb FOOD TOUR! | Traditional Croatian Dishes | Croatia 2022

One of the best things to do in Zagreb is indulge in delicious Croatian food! Join us on our Zagreb food tour as we sample must eat Traditional . In this Zagreb Croatia vlog we find out what to eat in Croatia including Croatian desserts as well as delicious local Croatian dishes such as Goveđa Juha, faširanci and odrezak. Croatian cuisine has so many mouthwatering dishes that you must try when you visit Zagreb. You will definitely be feeling hungry by the end of this Croatia Travel Vlog!

This video has captions in multiple languages.

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0:00 Introduction to Zagreb Croatia vlog: Zagreb food tour of Traditional Croatian dishes
0:40 Croatia Travel Vlog: Food in Zagreb – štrukli (Croatian dough-based dish)
1:05 Foreigners try Croatian Food: Strukli Zagreb – kuhani štrukli (Croatian boiled dough-based dish)
1:43 Croatia vlog: Australians try Traditional Croatian food – zapečeni štrukli (Croatian baked dough-based dish)
2:55 Where to eat in Zagreb Croatia: La Štruk Croatian Restaurant
3:32 Croatian cuisine: meat burek (Croatian meat pastry)
4:36 Croatian dessert: apple burek (Croatian apple pastry)
5:26 : Gostionica Ficlek Croatian restaurant
5:43 Croatia food: ajngemahtec (Croatian chicken dumpling soup)
7:14 What to eat in Croatia: faširanci (Croatian meat fritter)
8:41 Things to do in Zagreb – trying Croatian food: Zagrebačke kremšnite (Croatian cream slice topped with chocolate)
9:32 Croatian food video: Croatian desserts – Vincek cake
10:59 Food in Croatia: Goveđa Juha (Croatian beef soup)
11:35 Croatian dishes: sir i vrhnje (cottage cheese and sour cream)
12:13 Croatian food tour: odrezak (Croatian schnitzel)
13:08 Best traditional Croatian restaurant in Zagreb Croatia: The Witch of Gritch (Bistro Vještica)

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  1. Bucket List Travellers

    What dishes in Zagreb did you most like the look of? Any other dishes you would recommend?

    10 Croatian Desserts you MUST TRY –

    Croatia Travel Playlist –

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  2. Really nice video!

  3. What about sarma or mlinci with saour cabbage? That shtrukli r so idiotic n way too expensive-u can buy them in some bakeries even in supermarkets for 5kunas and burek should be with cheese.c in Croatia is alaway c like in experience. So dolac is never pronounced with a k

  4. Charles Hendricks

    OMG those deserts look delicious!

  5. Stephen & Andie | Travel Matters

    The steam coming off that food, and the fork, even AFTER you've taken a bite. Now that is hot out of the oven! The burek looks really nice, and like you said – similar to a meat pie, and probably eve pasty, though a different "contraction." We'd love to try that apple one! Everything in here looks really good, but are there many vegetarian options available there? As for the sweets… yes please! You always deliver such great detail on pricing and the dishes themselves. Thank you!

  6. John and Cara Retired Travellers

    Ahhh thank you for taking us back we recognized several of the locations you were sitting. We missed having those delicious pastries. We cannot wait to return! Lovely video everything looked incredible. ~Cara 😊

  7. Kai’s Dino Adventure

    Awesome upload my friend! Have a great weekend See you next week! Like 5 Delicious food guys! 👍👍

  8. Naomi's Adventures

    Very nice